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Hello and Welcome.

Are you tired of not feeling like yourself and wondering if you’ll ever get your energy and joy back? Please know the way you feel now does not have to be your long-term normal.

Are you frustrated, and maybe even a bit down, because no matter how hard you’ve tried – to eat well, exercise, and talk with your doctor – nothing improves?

Have your health concerns even been dismissed by physicians and loved ones?

Have you been asked to settle for less than feeling your best?

After helping many patients in my private practice progress from discouraged to vibrant, active, and resilient, I know your health concerns are real. The source of — and solutions to — your health concerns may surprise you. This is where I can help.

Ann Shippy MD

Physician. Scientist. Engineer. Mom.

Before my board certification in Internal Medicine and over a decade of practicing Functional Medicine… I was working as a chemical engineer and manager with IBM.

After returning from a vacation, I got REALLY sick. From severe gut issues, to hair loss, to extreme fatigue… my colleagues at work thought I was actually dying.

I went to many recommended doctors with high hopes of healing my body. Unfortunately at the time, I was given medications that only served as bandaids… without TRUE solutions… and my symptoms continued to worsen.

At the same time, I devoured every health book I could find, met with an ayurvedic doctor, a nutritionist, an herbalist, an immunologist, a naturopath, and an acupuncturist, putting every piece of research together and experimenting with multiple diets until I finally reached a breakthrough in my own healing. I knew that somehow there must be a better way to practice medicine…

Recipes To Get Better With Age™
Pick Your Healthy Recipes

Dill Cucumber Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Dill Cucumber Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Crisp cucumbers dressed with a tangy apple cider vinaigrette, make this a simple yet flavorful[…]

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Fruity Bundt Cake

Fruity Bundt Cake

Fruity Bundt Cake recipe just in time for the holidays. Ditch the outdated and sugary[…]

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Steak and Mushroom Soup

Steak and Mushroom Soup

This Steak and Mushroom soup is a perfect hearty and cozy meal for cooler temperatures.[…]

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