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21 Ways to Celebrate a Paleo Halloween

As much as we all love to celebrate Halloween, the sugar factor is cause for pause. That’s why the trick is in the treat! Being proactive with a Paleo-friendly routine […]
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Are You Making These Paleo & Keto Mistakes?

There are some significant benefits to eating a Paleo diet or even a keto diet. However, what I find is that a lot of people are misguided in how they’re […]

Is Seafood Good For You?

Cooking a beautiful dinner with vibrant green vegetables and a gorgeous ruby-red wild-caught fillet of salmon sounds like the pinnacle of a perfect Paleo meal. Yes, fish are a great […]
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How and Why to Feed Your Mitochondria- Supplements and Facts

Do not underestimate the power of mitochondria! When the energy of your cells drops, you begin aging and your body becomes at-risk for chronic disease. Each cell has a power […]
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“Just a Little Bit Won’t Hurt Me” – Part 1 – Gluten, Dairy & Sugar

One of the things I often hear is “a little bit won’t hurt me,” and that is referring to things like eating a little bit of gluten or a little […]
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Another Reason to Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a staple of cultures worldwide. You might already know that it has been found to reduce inflammation, fight cancer, increase metabolism, burn more fat, protect the brain, […]
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Fastest-Ever “Do Ahead” Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet potato toast became all the rage a couple of years ago as a gluten-free option for quick breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and party appetizers. Basically, what can you pile on […]

Top 5 Paleo Lunch Ideas- Toxin-Free!

Many people struggle with lunches when they are trying to eat more healthfully. Seems to be easier to eat well when you’re at home, but your workplace may have temptations […]

Clear Gut Vision

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the industrialized world, affecting over 10 million people in North America. There are two basic types of macular degeneration: […]