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21 Ways to Celebrate a Paleo Halloween

As much as we all love to celebrate Halloween, the sugar factor is cause for pause. That’s why the trick is in the treat! Being proactive with a Paleo-friendly routine […]

Chicken Curry Soup

As the weather begins to cool down, there’s nothing better than a warm soup to pick you up! Soups are a perfect way to get in lots of veggies, protein […]

What To Do When You Feel “Under the Weather”

What do you do when you feel “something coming on,” especially during cold and flu season? Here is my recommended “Under the Weather” Protocol: SLEEP. Resting is the best thing […]

Managing Your Genes: Understanding Methylation

You probably realize that your genes can predispose you to certain diseases, and that if you have a “faulty” gene, this is something you inherit at birth. However, you may […]

PODCAST: Superhuman Academy

My practice is built around the idea of treating the root causes of illnesses, not just the symptoms. If you do that, I believe, every life can be well. That […]

Easy Paleo Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes, and now you can enjoy them on a dairy and gluten-free diet as well. Go lightly on the maple syrup if you do prefer to have some, […]

Microplastics Go Mainstream

Recent research that is still under review is estimating that the average person consumes a credit card’s worth of plastic per week (about 5 grams)! For years, my peers and […]


I had a great time talking with my dear friend and mentor, JJ Virgin, about detoxification and dispelling some of the myths surrounding it. You can hear my appearance on […]

PODCAST: Burpees in my Thirties

A common concern that I have for many of my patients is making sure that they’re reducing and preventing inflammation. Detoxifying your body is one way to achieve that, and […]