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water filtration systems water purifiers buying guide

How to Find the Water Filtration System that Works Best for You

Clean, pure water is absolutely fundamental to better health and detoxification. No one would consciously drink water with heavy metals, arsenic, disinfection byproducts (DBPs) or other contaminants, but chances are […]
glymphatic system of the brain

How to Support Your Glymphatic System to Improve Brain Function

The brain never stops working, and its processes generate waste. The body manages its waste via the lymphatic system, but the brain doesn’t use that system. So how does the […]

Microplastics Go Mainstream

Recent research that is still under review is estimating that the average person consumes a credit card’s worth of plastic per week (about 5 grams)! For years, my peers and […]
bpa endocrine disruptor

5 Ways to Avoid BPA Exposure From Your Paper Receipts

You’ve just been shopping at an upscale natural foods store, you’ve filled your cart with organic veggies, and you’re feeling great heading to the checkout. You’ve done “everything right” for […]

Is Seafood Good For You?

Cooking a beautiful dinner with vibrant green vegetables and a gorgeous ruby-red wild-caught fillet of salmon sounds like the pinnacle of a perfect Paleo meal. Yes, fish are a great […]

“Just a Little Bit Won’t Hurt Me” – Part 2 – Everyday Toxicity

Last week I talked about a little bit of how foods like gluten, sugar, and dairy can actually make a big difference in how your body’s working. Today I want […]

Harmful to Fish, Harmful to You: Red Tides and Algae Blooms

In October of 2017 Floridians saw the emergence of a red tide on the white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. Local officials immediately closed beach access and sent out […]

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

​Seasons Greetings! My patients and readers often ask me for recommendations to help them ​on their journey to health. Here are some items I find very useful and supportive, and […]
living in the chemical age janet newman toxicity glyphosate roundup

Interview with “Living in the Chemical Age” Author Janet Newman, PhD

Learn what I am seeing in my patients’ testing –and more– in this interview with Janet Newman, PhD, author of Living in the Chemical Age. One of the toxins that […]