My Story...

It’s 2004, I’m sick - again…

I get scary rashes when I’m out in the sun and I’m so fatigued.

I also have dry eyes and mouth, so bad that I have to chew gum all the time and put drops in my eyes. The cause is two autoimmune disorders, one that could lead to a stroke, heart attack or pulmonary embolism…

I knew I didn’t want the treatment choices suggested by traditional medicine.

The first time I had an autoimmune disorder was in 1993. I was enjoying a great career at IBM when I got sick. Doctors couldn’t give me a diagnosis for months. I dove into endless health research on my own, and figured out how to heal myself. I was inspired to quit my corporate career, uproot my family, and dive headfirst into medical school.

I wanted the foundation to practice medicine and
offer insights to what really could heal the body.

I deeply wanted to help people so that they did not have to face the same scary situation I did when I got sick.

I stayed the course through medical school and residency, even while having two babies!

After residency, unsure of next steps to get the additional training I needed to support my initial mission, I joined an Internal Medicine practice with two other doctors.

Even though in my heart I wanted to be a different kind of doctor, I immediately fell right into the typical routine, seeing 20 patients a day. I wanted to spend time with people, to explore, to dig for clues to what was affecting their health, yet within 5-10 minutes, 
like my colleagues, I was telling my patients what prescription I was going to write.

Then, two years into practicing like this, in 2004, I got sick again.

It was as if the Universe was urging me to get back on track with my highest intentions for becoming a doctor in the first place.

The medication options in front of me had serious side effects and didn’t cure the problem … just managed the symptoms. I felt strongly that I needed to discover my own health solutions, again…

My stars aligned and I found a doctor about an hour away who
was practicing an area of medicine that was not on the map at all,

“Functional Medicine.”

He ran tests I’d never heard of on me. He took his time with me, asking questions that might help get to the root of the cause. Among other things, he gave me recommendations to help my body detoxify better, or “empty my bucket” as I now say. It was an eye-opening experience.

And my body healed itself, again.

But equally if not more significant, I finally found the additional training to help me practice medicine the way I knew was possible. I studied at the Institute of Functional Medicine and there was no going back.

I braved opening my own Functional Medicine practice in 2005. I didn’t know if anyone would come, but word traveled fast and soon I had a long waiting list!

Today, the great blessing of my life is that I use my gifts to really help people with their health (and sickness) at the deepest level. My personal experience with undiagnosed celiac disease, autoimmune disorders, severe adult onset asthma, and even mold toxicity (another story for another time) have all been worthwhile steps in helping me practice medicine in the way I always dreamed was possible.

There are answers to a lot of these health issues we think of as natural to “aging,”
and there are solutions to things we think of as not having solutions!

Sharing these answers and life-giving solutions with others is what drives me.

I love caring for my patients.

My Approach to
Functional Medicine

I use cutting-edge science, innovative testing, research and genetic information to determine and address the root causes of health issues – not simply treat the symptoms of illness.

I approach each patient as a whole person, and we form a therapeutic partnership to achieve the highest standard of health.

My approach to medicine is a unique blend of measured, precise data with a heartfelt and sympathetic attitude towards all of my patients.


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