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glymphatic system of the brain

How to Support Your Glymphatic System to Improve Brain Function

The brain never stops working, and its processes generate waste. The body manages its waste via the lymphatic system, but the brain doesn’t use that system. So how does the […]

Proven Benefits of Meditation and How to Meditate (VIDEO)

Meditation is powerful. Meditation can impact things in our bodies such as high blood pressure and diabetes. In fact, current research is looking at how meditation can influence our genes. […]
unplug, digital detox, unplugging, workaholism, workaholics

Digital Detox: Working Yourself to Death (Literally)

We’re all guilty of checking work email during our ‘off’ hours. Maybe you scrolled through your inbox bored on a Sunday afternoon? Maybe you replied to a colleague while making […]
gut biome, microbiome, probiotics, gut health

Controlling Cravings: Are You the Hand or the Puppet?

Anytime you find yourself reaching for that extra slice of cake you might consider this: It might not be you, it might be your gut bacteria. Whether you’re aware or […]
cbd oil, cannabidiol, cannabis, marijuana, THC

CBD – Cannabidiol: Benefits Without the High?

Recently I published a Cannabis article here on the blog, a general review of my thoughts on marijuana use.  As a follow-up to that article, and to your questions (thank […]
marijuana legalization canada cannabis

Cannabis: Good for Your Health?

Today Canada made cannabis legal for recreational use nationwide, and their government will also pardon those with a pot possession record of 30 grams or less. As a Functional Medicine […]
neuroplasticity, plasticity, brain training, brain health

How to Train Your Brain!

TRUE OR FALSE? Doing puzzles and other learning games will “train your brain” and boost your brain performance and memory. Well, it depends on what activities you are doing. Here’s […]
trauma hippocampus memory brain health

Is It Possible to “Rewrite” Trauma?

Deeply traumatic events can affect us at a cellular level, literally. Traumas are fear-based memories that embed themselves into our brains with neuron activity. Recent research may provide a clue […]
lead poisoning cadmium exposure toxicity

Don’t Raise Your Glass, It May be Toxic

Toxins are linked to many health concerns. One of the things I test for in my patients is the presence of toxins. When toxins like lead or cadmium are found […]