Today Canada made cannabis legal for recreational use nationwide, and their government will also pardon those with a pot possession record of 30 grams or less.

As a Functional Medicine physician, people frequently ask my opinion on cannabis use, and my answer is, “It depends.” I believe each person must weigh the pros and cons of using cannabis for themselves. I do not advocate for or against medical cannabis.

As usual, I look to the scientific answers. Here are a few items to help you decide if marijuana in its various forms is a choice you’d like to make for your health.

That said, there are many documented benefits of cannabis use for medical benefit, such as cancer therapy, relief during terminal illness, and the ability to use marijuana to fight alcoholism and addiction to other drugs like opioids.

What are your opinions? Obviously the burden on the courts and the prison system is relieved when cannabis becomes legal, but we each must carefully discern what level of use, if any, is best for our unique health issues. Just like with food, it matters where your product is sourced from and how it is produced, and your own genetics and other factors will determine how your body reacts. Share your thoughts here in the comments!