It turns out that animal dairy is not a good source of calcium. Dairy products (from cows or goats) cause an inflammatory response, raise insulin levels and acidify the body. Plus a large percentage of the population is allergic to the milk proteins casein, lactose, whey and ghee. To decrease inflammation and for optimal health I recommend many of my patients eliminate all animal dairy from their diets.

When you eliminate animal dairy, it is important to make sure you are still taking in good sources of calcium through supplementation and through whole organic food sources. You might be surprised how easily it is to get calcium without eating animal dairy. Here is a list of 20 calcium rich foods.

Almonds/Almond Milk

Almond Butter

Arugula, raw *

Artichoke, cooked*


Bok Choy

Broccoli, cooked*

Collards, cooked *

Carrots, raw

Coconut Milk


Figs, fresh

Kale, cooked

Kelp (seaweed)

Mustard greens, cooked

Olives, in brine

Pumpkin, cooked

Spinach, cooked *

Sweet potato, cooked

Turnip greens, cooked

*Top 5