Press | Ann Shippy MD

Hawthorne University

Thanks to Hawthorn University, I was able to address these big questions regarding toxic mold: What is toxic mold and how does it makes you sick? How to identify if you have mold toxins in your body? What steps can you identify if you have toxic mold in your home and what do you do next? What is the treatment protocol for getting mold out of your body? Contact Hawthorne University to see the webinar.

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno "Toxin Solution" Book Launch

Ten Tips to Reduce Toxicity: As part of The Toxin Solution book launch, Dr. Joe Pizzorno asked me to share my Top 10 Tips to Reduce Toxicity in your life and environment. Here are my top 10 tips with an exclusive Bonus tip just for you!

The Shift Network: Winter of Wellness

I was honored to join the Winter of Wellness, an unparalleled health, healing and wellness series that took place January 11-February 8, 2017 along with today’s top health experts. This forum allowed for discovery of becoming the best version of yourself — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Winter of Wellness, help you discover leading-edge solutions to your personal health objectives — with esteemed teachers, doctors and practitioners sharing their proven methods that address you as an integrative, interconnected whole.

Izabella Wentz "The Thyroid Secret"

I am honored to be one of the amazing expert interviews in the gold package of Thyroid Pharmacist, Dr. Izabella Wentz’s The Thyroid Secret 9 part Docuseries.

Here is a sneak peek at the Episode 1: Thyroid Disease Revealed. Do you suffer from challenges with your thyroid or know someone else who does?

The Healing Pain Summit 2016

Hosted by Dr. Joe Tatta, author of Heal Your Pain Now, hosted a virtual online summit moderating a conversation around how pain takes on a much larger role in our lives than necessary. The journey out of that darkness STARTS with knowing the cutting-edge information and treatments around injury, illness, chronic pain, and autoimmune diseases that are just coming to light in science and medicine. Because it turns out – pain isn’t what we think it is. My participation in this summit informed how to chart a new course and move from pain management to pain freedom.