What do you do when you feel “something coming on,” especially during cold and flu season?

Here is my recommended “Under the Weather” Protocol:

  • SLEEP. Resting is the best thing you can do!
  • SIP. Hydration is key. Always have clean, filtered water available and drink as much as you can. Avoid plastic bottled water and use a glass container.
  • SOUP. Eat simply–chicken and vegetable broth-based soups are perfect. Protein and vegetables only, nutrient-dense and simple to digest. Cooked rather than raw– sauteed veggies rather than a salad.
  • SKIP all gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods. The goal is reducing inflammation and allowing as much energy as possible to go toward healing.
  • SUPPORT yourself with meditation and visualizations, and be mindful to allow only positive things into your awareness. Avoid electronics, listen to your favorite music, read books, and try Belleruth Naparstek’s guided meditations.
  • SOAK. Take a relaxing bath. (Especially beneficial with my Clear + Restore Bath for detoxifying!)
  • SUPPLEMENT with my “B Immune” Wellness Support Formula. My formulation is great for prevention during this time of year or when you’re traveling, and if I start feeling something might be coming on, I actually double up on the dosage.
  • SEE your doctor if you don’t feel better quickly, as it could be more serious. Trust your intuition and get seen right away if you feel something is not quite right.