Meditation is powerful.

Meditation can impact things in our bodies such as high blood pressure and diabetes. In fact, current research is looking at how meditation can influence our genes. This is an area of study that is called “epigenetics.” It is amazing how this research is showing that meditation can influence how our genes express themselves in a positive way. What’s even more amazing is that meditation is something that we can do in just a few minutes every day.

Some people think that they can’t meditate due to distractions or feelings of anxiety while some people think they just can’t do it right. However, studies show that your body still reaps amazing benefits even if you are not able to meditate perfectly. That’s how awesome our body and meditation is.

Let me share with you some forms of meditations that I really love:

  1. Emily Fletcher’s ZIVA meditation provides a practical way to meditate that is so easy to do on a daily basis.
  2. I love using the meditation device called the Muse Headband. It integrates neuro-feedback on your brain activity and breathing in order to improve your meditation focus. Plus, it’s a device that you can easily take with you anywhere.
  3. Another one is Belleruth Naparstek’s series of meditation. She provides quick and easy meditations that you can do anywhere – whether you are in a meeting or at the grocery store.
  4. Another form of meditation that helped me a lot is a simple breathing technique called the Box Breathing Technique. What I do is breathe in for 5 or 6 counts, hold my breath, and then slow exhale. I repeat those steps for at least 1 to 3 times. You can do this simple technique anywhere and anytime you’re feeling anxious.
  5. Another common way to meditate is through Mantra Meditation. Choose a favorite, calming word for a mantra and repeat it in your mind for the duration of your session. Once you notice your mind wandering, always come back to that word to provide encouragement and motivation to you when you need to focus your mind.

Having 20 minutes of meditation at least twice a day provides the best results. However, you may start with just 5-10 minutes. A 5-minute meditation each day can already make a huge difference. It is enough to make you more effective with your daily activities.

Meditate at least 5 minutes today.

Now is the perfect time to begin!

Ziva Meditation book and program:
Muse Headband:
Belleruth Naparstek’s guided meditations:


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