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Every Baby Well®

Starting with Yours

Every child deserves to live a healthy, happy, and long life.

And every parent deserves the chance to make this happen.

Mission + Vision

Every Baby Well® is Dr. Shippy’s passion and calling to support the health of the next generation. Her hope is to provide information, tools, and education on everything from pre-conception to postpartum health so that every family may experience extraordinary wellness and realize the mutual goal of Every Baby Well®

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Labs + Testing

Assessing the health of both the mother and the father, through special testing helps to evaluate the often under diagnosed issues that may affect preconception, prenatal and postpartum health.


Our Every Baby Well® program is a preconception health education program for mom and dad, developed to equip future parents with the tools and strategies to build a healthy environment for a healthy baby.


Every Baby Well® Prenatal Pure Packs were designed to provide optimal nutrition support from preconception through pregnancy and into the postpartum period while breastfeeding and recovering from delivery.

What we do...

Every Baby Well® is revolutionizing preconception, prenatal and postpartum care, by offering exceptional nutrition, lifestyle and science-based testing information and resources.

We use a comprehensive, Functional Medicine approach that addresses the mother, the father, the womb, the home, toxins, diet, and everyone’s health before conception, including any genetic issues. 

Every Baby Well® will teach prospective parents the holistic, scientific, and nutritional factors that may affect fertility as well as the health of their baby.

And help moms and dads give their future babies the best opportunity at a healthy life.

When to start preparing...

We believe the health of the baby starts before conception…with both parents.

In an ideal world, all couples would take at least three months to focus on preconception health before trying to conceive.

Taking the time to create the healthiest environment for yourselves may just be the most important thing you do to support the health of your future children.

Everyone is different, so be patient with yourself and your body. 

Message to Future moms + dads

The birds make nests, the fish find schools, and the bears dig dens. It’s natural to want to create a healthy environment and prepare your family for a full life of wellness – and that all starts before pregnancy.

Your biochemistry as parents determines everything about your child. How you spend your time together and where you spend it plays a big role in your baby’s development.

What you eat and drink, the air you breathe and the water you drink, where you live and where you came from, your individual habits and routines – ALL of these factors determine your wellness and your baby’s wellness.

Preconception preparation is easy, proven, and crucial to your child’s development, it’s also going to make your pregnancy less taxing on your body and more enjoyable.

We can’t change our genes, but we can significantly influence how they manifest in our children’s bodies by optimizing our nutrition and eliminating toxins.

And that begins with you, Mom and Dad.

Ann Shippy MD

Mom. Physician. Scientist. Engineer.

Whether you’ve already brought life into the world or you’re planning your first pregnancy, learning how to hone your nutrition and health before pregnancy is the first step toward a generation of wellness.

Why is preconception so important

Infertility and childhood illnesses like obesity, diabetes, ADHD, asthma, autism, and Asperger’s Syndrome are on the rise throughout the world. Toxins in mothers are passed on to their children during breastfeeding and throughout pregnancy and are linked to these illnesses.

We no longer have to wait until after birth to address these concerns! It is time to address it prior to conception.

As these illnesses have advanced and spread, so has our understanding of the effects of…

  • genetics and biology
  • diet and nutrition
  • toxins and contaminants
  • lifestyles and habits
  • and many other familial and individualized habits and factors that traditional doctors fail to consider when suggesting a preconception plan.

Sometimes it’s a basic explanation. Sometimes genetics play a big role. Sometimes it’s a combination of factors.

There are many important elements inside and outside of the body that play a role in infertility and the development of your child.

Every Baby Well® allows you to research, discover, and understand your own unique situation, as well as providing you with the tools to take action for your future family.

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