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PODCAST: Superhuman Academy

My practice is built around the idea of treating the root causes of illnesses, not just the symptoms. If you do that, I believe, every life can be well. That […]


I had a great time talking with my dear friend and mentor, JJ Virgin, about detoxification and dispelling some of the myths surrounding it. You can hear my appearance on […]

PODCAST: Burpees in my Thirties

A common concern that I have for many of my patients is making sure that they’re reducing and preventing inflammation. Detoxifying your body is one way to achieve that, and […]

PODCAST: Zesty Ginger

So many people want to know more about the symptoms and consequences of mold exposure, and I was so happy to get to speak about that with Alex and Megan […]

PODCAST: Naturally Nourished

Like too many people I’ve met, I’ve had to deal with the consequences of mold exposure. I spoke with Ali Miller on Naturally Nourished about how you can identify exposure, […]

PODCAST: Small Changes, Big Shifts

I had a very insightful conversation with Dr. Michelle Robin on her podcast Small Changes, Big Shifts. We talked about how unique our own personal health is and how we […]

TELEVISION: Know the Cause with Doug Kaufman

I was so happy to get to talk with my good friend Doug Kaufman on his show, Know the Cause, about how I practice medicine and the importance of detoxifying. […]

PODCAST: Simply Human

I recently sat down with Mark Rogers & Rick Bentley at “Simply Human” to talk about my career experiences and using functional medicine to determine the root cause of illnesses. […]
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PODCAST: Vibe with Robyn Openshaw (“GreenSmoothieGirl”)

Join me here with host Robyn Openshaw (“GreenSmoothieGirl”) to listen to our interview about toxins and epigenetics: “How Toxic Are You and Your Environment? Understanding Epigenetics and How to Clean […]