Be Immune
Be Resilient


A Program to help you build resilience and a healthy immune response.


Learn the science, treatment protocols and strategies to help prevent and prevail through COVID-19.


Listen to real patient stores and outcomes.


Lift your hope and strengthen your immune system with encouraging and successful approaches to COVID-19.


Dr. Shippy is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine doctor and is Certified in Functional Medicine.

She combines the science of traditional medicine with intelligent, natural approaches for best patient outcomes.

Dr. Shippy believes in treating the whole patient, addressing root causes of disease, not simply band-aiding symptoms.

She genuinely cares for the health and wellness of all. This compassionate and empathetic approach compelled her to develop this program for those who are unable to see her in person.


Since March of 2020, Dr. Shippy has been at the forefront and the pandemonium know as COVID-19. In fact, one of the first people diagnosed with COVID-19 was a long-time patient of Dr. Shippy. This early on, testing was extremely limited, therapies were uncertain, unproven, and controversial. Dr. Shippy forged forward, cutting through the noise and got to work caring for her patient(s). This was a time of research, reaching out among colleagues, and ultimately formulating the protocol to help people get well. Great success was to follow as this protocol was fine-tuned and used on over 50 COVID-19 patients.   

It has been quite a journey and we now know so much more about the disease than we did back in March 2020. The good news is more therapeutics are available, and the survival rate has improved greatly. However, there are still unknowns regarding the long term impacts of the virus on the body. We know for some there are significant health concerns from what is now being termed Post Covid Syndrome, but more time will need to pass for the science community to compile and convey the data of how this virus manifests and impacts the future health for so many. 

Dr. Shippy’s message and conclusion – everyone (especially those in high risk) needs to implement some key strategies to build a barrier or defense against the virus. For if and when there is an exposure the body is prepared to fight, prevail and diminish the suffering and damage that can be caused from this insidious enemy.  


  • If you or someone you know wants to learn how to be prepared, be resilient and be strong, sign up for this insightful and informative series of videos, led by Dr. Shippy.   
  • You will get to know Dr. Shippy, her viewpoints on everything about this pandemic, from testing, treatments, therapies, and what she has learned from real patient experiences.  
  • She shares her experience, research, and real patient data, so that you too can learn how to BE RESILIENT + BE IMMUNE. 
Learn the science, treatment protocols and strategies for navigating COVID-19. Hear patient stories and their outcomes. There is so much to share in this insightful, comprehensive program.


Let’s face it, even in the best of times, our bodies fight off illness and diseases better when our immune system is strong. Each day our bodies are bombarded with pathogens, toxins, and a variety of microbes. The assaults come from everywhere are difficult to avoid. This puts a constant stress on the body, leaving the body in a more vulnerable state.  

And with the mounting months of uncertainty, fear and life challenges caused by the pandemic, our bodies and minds are dealing with more than usual.

What can you do to elevate and improve your immune defense?  

In this program Dr. Shippy outlines the steps you can take now to build your immune system and help fight off infection and disease. 

And for those who are interested in “nerding out” with Dr. Shippy, she goes a bit further into the science and explains the connection to epigenetics… the way lifestyle impacts genetic expression and how this all ties into resilience, immunity, and your future health.