Pan Fried Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Paleo Bacon | Ann Shippy MD
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Pan Fried Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Paleo Bacon

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I frequently remind everyone that we need to eat more vegetables, especially cruciferous veggies, so here is a delicious one that is a fast favorite. Everything tastes better with bacon!

  • 2 cups fresh organic Brussels sprouts, shaved
  • 5 slices of bacon (nitrate, chemical, and sugar free)
  • Pink Himalayan salt to taste

If you buy whole Brussels sprouts, you can wash them, trim off the end, and run through your food processor with a slicing blade to shave them quickly into nice slices. Heat bacon in frying pan. Remove when cooked – leave bacon fat. Add shaved Brussels sprouts and cook until crispy. Top with pink salt, add chopped bacon and serve.